In the fall semester of 2006, Student Hip-Hop Organization was founded at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Since then, it has branched to surrounding universities and has played an integral part in Virginia’s hip-hop scene while cultivating the minds of their campuses and communities.

The organization is known for its quality, independent spirit, and most importantly, authenticity. It has become an institution and creative platform for students and artists to gain experience and find opportunity in their individual passions. SHHO strives to promote higher learning through hip-hop.

The organization has selectively worked with the best up-and-coming artists, hip-hop legends, like-minded companies, and passionate student talents- all who have established SHHO as an organic uncompromising brand.



East Main St. is the home of UTR Ink, a fairly new custom screen printing shop in Richmond, VA, and it’s twenty-two year old owner, Britt Sebastian. Walk into the building, and you’re knee deep into all that he has invested and worked towards for the past four years. Sewing machines, printers, zippers, buttons, one-of-one samples, paint, racks, and a whole lot of other machines that I don’t know; crowd the 1000 square feet of the ground floor workspace. Britt’s kitchen and bed is on the second floor, meaning he eats, prints, sleeps, sews, and shits, all in the same building. Basically a 24-hour one-man screen printing shop.

He started out interning with Raleigh Denim, based out of North Carolina, and it’s there that his passion for fashion design began. It’s been amazing to witness that passion evolve over the years with his clothing line, his various fashion shows around the city, and then the opening of his studio. A couple days out of the previous summer I helped renovate the building on East Main, and trust me when I say it looked absolutely nothing like it does now. The transformation of that building alone, was an admirable feat, something Britt only accomplished with the help of ice cold brews and the thoughts of having his dreams finally coming to fruition.  Obviously, it takes a lot of hard work to make things happen like this, in such a short amount of time. But even more so, it’s a commitment to yourself and faith that it’s all worth it.

Britt’s graduating from VCU in a couple weeks and while everyone is getting ready to treat themselves to a bit of a post-school vacation, Britt anxiously anticipates the opportunity to devote more hours to the shop. His work ethic and his story are inspiring and I’m happy to see my friend doing well. Britt’s latest line of Hollywood Cemetery cut and sew, inspired by early Russian military wear, is a testament to his improving craftsmanship. It was only a matter of time before Britt and the SHHO would be formally introduced, and now a project is in the works that is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Good things come to those who stay tuned to The SHHO. Or something like that.

UTR, ink.

by Neil Lopez / photos by TWK